From 1994 to recent I am organising the curriculum and timing of the field courses for the Institute for Geosciences, typically in the range of 5 mapping courses and 15-20 excursions. This curriculum of field exercises is told by students as to be the major reason for signing up at Tuebingen, coming from other German (central European) universities. Trying to pick up nice concepts and target areas for field exercises since 1994 during meetings, I believe that a proper mixture of attractive, still cheap targets has been offered to students at Tuebingen, hardly topped by any other institute.
For 6-8 parallel courses in rock determination, numerous student volunteers are recruited, trained, and supervised each year for support of lectures and for tutorials. I have frequently been involved in the organsation of various rebuildings of laboratory and office rooms.

Within the Faculty of Geosciences I was twice elected as deputy of the academic staff for a total of 4 years. I was elected into search commitees for positions in invertebrate paleontology, structural geology, and physical geography. As a regular member of the faculty, I am involved in various academic committees.

As a co-editor, I have processed 40 volumes of „Tübinger Geowissenschaftlichen Arbeiten, Series A“ since 1994. These are designed for the publication of Ph.-D. thesis. Distribution and selling of these volumes is among my duties.

I organised the international meeting „Workshop on Alpine Geological Studies“ with 140 participants at Tübingen in 1999, together with collegues of the Chair for Geology. My personal responsibilites prior and during the meeting were sponsoring, advertisements, logistics, and management of public relations. In 2003, I organised a meeting for 130 international guests in honour of the 60th anniversary of Wolfgang Frisch, Chair for Geology at Tuebingen. More recently, I have organised 2 national workshops on earth surface processes in Goettingen and Bonn with 90 and 50 participants, respectively, in order to bridge strengths of the classical divisions of physical geography, geology, and Quaternary sciences.


Peer Reviews

Since 1998 I have been progressively involved in review processes for several peer-reviewed journals, including GSA Journals, JGR, Tectonophysics, Sedimentary Geology, Tectonics, Geology, Nature.

Project Reviews
Since 1999 I am reviewing research proposals for German Acadenic Exchange, German Science foundation (DFG), Austrian FWF, Swiss National Fonds, ESF, and NSF.

Public Understanding of Science

In July 2000, I installed and introduced a geologic info-trail, located in the Lechtal Alps, to the public. The infocenter of the trail is based at a mountain cottage and provides exhibition, rock collection, library and a short field guide. Costs were covered by the Alpine Club.

I currently manage a subproject of the Bosch Foundation, dedicated to transfer current research in natural sciences into schools. My project, funded with 9.000 Euro for 3 years, is regionally based north of Lake Constance and explains natural and man-made climate change to highschool pupils. It includes a permanent exhibition in the Jamtal mountaineering center. The concept also offers public lectures, which are held one or two times each year. Another project, funded with 6.000 Euro, is dedicated to present geosciences to high-school teachers, prepare teaching material, and offer short field courses suitable for pupils. I am supporting a State Academy in the preparation of a new subject for high-schools, called „natural sciences and technology“.